Keeping Your Social Presence is Important – This is an Idea!

Social Value of Products

Technology has changed our lives. We live in an era of digital life and we all love IoT. Why would one prefer IoT? Just because we are bored from everyday human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.

In the race to automate things, we sometimes; forget the essence of real humans interactions. Isn’t it so? Yes, absolutely. So, today I am going to talk about the social presence that is real and involves human-to-human interaction.

I’ve been using automated tools to draw potential social traffic to our client’s e-commerce websites by spending quite a good amount of money. Everything is working fine. The client spends money on daily basis. But this isn’t smart way. What I have learned so far, this is the most boring way to get traffic.

The two very important and priceless methods are Organic Traffic through SEO and Social Traffic from your own page. The first one is all about learning and implementing. The latter requires some great communication skills. How to get a good amount of traffic from social media?

Well, it’s simple. Let’s know this in bullets!

  • Know your niche. What is your business, narrow it down.
  • Create a social media page. An attractive Profile and Cover!
  • Update your page on daily basis with good content. Evergreen Content is king!
  • Keep yourself updated with news.
  • Use the trends and hashtags.
  • Target your audience. And Finally, promote your page, not your products!

Once you reach a good amount of people, start boosting your products with little money and precise targets.

These are the things to keep in mind,

  • Your location, target the premium locations to get a higher conversion.
  • Know your niche, your target people position, income and free time.
  • Select their gender according to products and limit their ages when needed.
  • Try choosing professions of Busy people, they always prefer to order online.
  • And, Finally, Keep your Interaction real. Be a human when dealing with humans!

I could add a lot of screenshots for these things but I just wanted to give you an idea. These tools are frequently used by marketers and they’re working.

If you are a boss of your own business, let us do these things for you! You don’t have to learn them all. We shall try to maximize your sales and minimize your advertisings budgets. Yes, we charge money for what we do.

Keys and Success!

About the Author: KTK

A 25 years old tech geek & writer. Love to travel, write and sleep!

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